Department of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

There is a vast scope for professional career in the public and private sectors dealing with Power, Machinery or Control, Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy, with the design, production and operation of Electrical Machinery and apparatus of Control Systems for Industrial Applications. Campus interview for students are conducted, students also get selected in Foreign Universities.

As per the present industry requirements, level of competition, and job opportunities we are teaching Power System Machines & Control System and Industrial Electrical Engg. We have started additional elective subject such as Power System Operation & Control, Electrical Traction Engg. Electrical Engineering Course deals with the areas of Electrical Distributions Systems, Power Devices and Machines, Transformers, Traction sub-station etc

Department takes lead for the enhancement of technical skills of the students for overall development.

This association conducts inter-departmental, intra departmental fests which include cultural and technical activities. The students are given inputs on personality development and soft skills. Our faculty members are members of professional body like ISTE. The faculty also attends programs conducted by Engineering Institutes. The department has a tradition of organizing seminars, workshops and conferences for both students and faculty from time to time.

The department attracts talented students, the students are encouraged to participate in different technical competition, paper presentation, technical projects & so on. The faculty members have presented many research papers in leading journals and conferences.

Participation in various such activities result in developing creative skills and confidence significantly. It will also act as encouragement to take up developmental work in later years.

Laboratory Details
The Department has modern and well equipped laboratories. During Academic Year 2012-13, the department has planned to established new laboratory for power electronics, power system& control systems .following Lab Set-up describes details of Hardware, Operating System, Application Software installed.

NoLaboratory NameTotal Rs.Description
IElectrical machine LabRs. 6,42,705/-In this Lab, we have following Equipments:
1) DC Motor & DC Generator
2) AC Motor
3) Synchronous Motor
4) Alternator
5) Diesel Generator Set
6) All accessories like Voltmeter, ammeter, rheostat and loading arrangements
IIElectrical Measurement LabRs. 4,89,320/-In this Lab, we have following Equipments:
1) CT Testing Kit
2) PT testing Kit
3) Study of RTD & Thermistor Characteristics
4) DC Potentiometer Kit
5) Dual DC power Supply
6) 1ph Regulated Power Supply
7) Galvanometer
8) Multimeter
9) kelvins bridge
10) Andersonís bridge
IIIElectrical Engineering Material LabRs.3,19,240/-In this Lab, we have following Equipments
1)Thermistor Trainer kit
2)Voltmeter 0-150-300V(AC)
3)Voltmeter 0-150-300V(dC)
4)Motorized Oil Test Set Input 240,50Hz,1Ph, Output:- 100KV, AC
5)Gauss Meter
6)Megger 200 M Ohm, 0-1000V
7)Earth tester kit
8)Digital insulation meter
9)1 phase Auto Transformer-230/0-270V.
10)3 phase Auto Transformer-440/0-470V
11)Capacitive laod 3 phase,10A,440v
IVElectrical Workshop LabRs.20,859/-In this Lab, we have following demo panels:
1)Study of different wires
2)Study of wiring accessories
3)Lamp circuits-Simple circuit, series parallel circuit 4)Underground Cable
VComputer LabRs.12,26,218/-In this Lab, we have following Equipments:
1) 10 PC's
2) ETAP power station software
VINA LabRs. 2,08,031/-In this labs. we have,
1)Thevenin Theorem (For A.C. Circuit)
2)Nortonís Theorem (For A.C. Circuit)
3)Super Position Theorem (For A.C. Circuit)
4)Two Port Network Parameter For Z & Y (For A.C. Circuit)
5)Two Port Network Parameter For ABCD (For A.C. Circuit)
6)Series Resonance (For A.C. Circuit)
7)Parallel Resonance (For A.C. Circuit)
8)Analog Oscilloscope :30 MHz, 2 Ch. , 1mV with alt Triggering & Trigger Bandwidth of 60 MHz
9)Analog Power Scope : 30 MHz
10)Function Generator : 3 MHz
11)Function Generator with built in 15 MHz
VIIAnalog & Digital Electronics, Microprocessor & Microcontroller LabRs. 3,55,267/-ADE Lab
In this labs. we have,
1) Analog Oscilloscope :30 MHz, 2 Ch. , 1mV with alt Triggering & Trigger Bandwidth of 60 MHz
2) Analog Power Scope : 30 MHz
3) Function Generator : 3 MHz Function Generator with built in 15 MHz Frequency Counter
4) Power Supply : Dual power supply 30V/3A each with Digital Display of voltage and current
5) Digital Multimeter : 3 ¬ĺ Digital Display (4000 counts) Auto & Manual Range Selection, DC, AC Voltage & current, Resistance, Capacitance Range continuity, transistor HFE, Duty Cycle,

1)8085 Microprocessor with 7 Segment LED display, inbuilt Keyboard & Power Supply, Model:Classik-85
2)8085 Microprocessor with 20 x 4 line LCD display, PC Keyboard & Power Supply, Model:XPO-85
3)8086 Microprocessor with 20 x 4 line LCD display, PC Keyboard & Power Supply, Model:XPO-86
4)8051 Microcontroller with 20 x 4 line LCD display, PC keyboard & Power supply, Model:XPO-51
5)8255 ,8155, 8237, 8279 peripheral s with Converter card

Curriculum :
Detailed information about the Course Curriculum Semester wise, Course Contents and Evaluation Grades can be had from the Curriculum Booklet available at the Office of the Head, KBSís COET, NMKC

To lay strong foundation at the first year stage so that the grasp of engineering streams becomes easily accessible. The clarity of concepts in pure sciences go a long way to help them in engineering streams.